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Sports Performance Services

We pride ourselves on helping coaches and athletes achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through a performance consultancy service with measurable impact unique to their respective environments. You may have an idea of what you are looking for; a performance problem you are seeking assistance to solve, or you are just are interested in seeing how we may be able to help. Regardless of your requirements, we are happy to discuss your situation and how we may be of assistance. We will collectively develop an agreed plan of action and work with you to help address your performance needs. Please see the case study examples below which evidence how we have helped others enhance their sports performance.

Furō Motion | Sports Peformance Services

At Premiership club Harlequins, James has led the speed and agility programme for the senior squad for 6 seasons in a consultant capacity. In this time he has implemented a range of sprinting and speed-relevant strength diagnostic assessments, providing information to tailor the speed and strength-based training interventions for the backs within the squad. He has worked with the performance staff to deliver squad wide speed coaching and delivered a range of workshops. To gain an insight into the individual player profiling approach adopted, watch the following short videos.

Furō Motion | Harlequins

Case Study

Harlequins Rugby Club (Senior Squad) - Speed Services

At Premiership club Harlequins, we worked with performance staff and coaches identify the physical aspects which determine player defensive line-out performance and success in contact situations. From this information we created a range of assessments which can be used to identify the deficits for each player in relation to these determining factors. In turn this created opportunities to individualise player interventions to help impact on-field performance in key areas within the game.

Gareth Tong

Head of Athletic Performance, Harlequins Rugby Club

“James pays great attention to detail in the player profiling approaches he has set up for us, yet he manages to assimilate the information he gathers in a way which helps us to build a clear training direction for players. James has developed good relationships with our players and coaches over the years and we both value and trust his input into our performance system at Quins.”

Furō Motion | Harlequins

Case Study

Harlequins Rugby Club (Senior Squad) - Determinants of On-Field Performance Indicators

Over a two season period we worked with the club. During the first season we worked with the academy sport science department to help develop the confidence and capabilities of the sport science department in the delivery of speed training to academy soccer players. This involved the delivery of bespoke workshops, creation of content in the way of intervention frameworks and speed coaching documents, and implementation of sprinting and speed-relevant strength diagnostic tests to inform training.

During our second season we were asked to undertake an audit of the sport science department whilst supporting this team prior to a restructuring period. This involved gaining an understanding of the academy needs across departments, their existing processes and club wide philosophies to provide a strategy for change according to best practices within sport science and a GAP analysis. The conclusion of the two year period culminated in a report of recommendations provided to the Academy Manager and Academy Director.

Mike Cave

Academy Manager, Fulham FC

“During his time with us James helped us rethink and plan our physical development programme from our youngest players through to our u23s. His support through our League audit process was invaluable, as was the personal and humble style with which he assisted the development of our staff in their knowledge and application. I would highly recommend James to any team or individual who is searching for a knowledgeable collaborator and practitioner to support them in enhancing their psychical development programmes”

Case Study

Fulham Football Club (Academy) - Departmental Auditing and Staff Development

Furō Motion | Fulham Football Club
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