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About Us

At Furō Motion, our mission is to provide actionable information and solutions to enhance sporting performance and athletic capabilities.

Who are we?

Furō Motion was founded by James Wild - a performance consultant with over 20 years experience working across a range of sporting environments, universities and schools to enhance sporting performance, athletic capabilities and physical proficiency. Using a blend of physical preparation and biomechanics techniques with skill acquisition and motor learning principles to help address sports performance problems, James has worked with coaches and athletes across a full spectrum of abilities including medal winning teams and athletes at major international competitions.

James has taught on undergraduate and masters level degree programmes for the last decade; creating and leading on modules in skill acquisition, biomechanics, strength & conditioning and human movement & rehabilitation. He is also an active applied researcher currently in the final stages of completing a PhD in the biomechanics and motor control of team sport athletes during sprint acceleration. James is a book author (‘Strength Training for Speed’) and has published several articles within scientific journals.

What do we do?

Our offerings currently cater for professional and international sports teams and coaches, and individual athletes competing at major international competitions. We also work with primary and secondary schools, helping staff to implement physical development curricula and long term athletic development principles aligned with their individual educational settings.

At the heart of our philosophy is a desire to help coaches and physical education teachers by equipping them with the tools and by progressing their knowledge and skills to further their development. We do this through delivery of workshop training, mentorship and a range of solutions such as our video training library. The training library consists of numerous instructional exercise videos which can be used by coaches for remote coaching, in-person demonstration for athletes they work with, or to increase their understanding on how to coach a range of different training activities.

Lastly, we have developed innovative, specialist testing and training equipment, created and used by practitioners working within sport, which provide performance training and rehabilitation solutions.

Who have we worked with?

These are some of the teams, institutions or organisations we have worked with.

Furō Motion | England Lacross
Furō Motion | University of Surrey
Furō Motion | Harlequins
Furō Motion | Fulham Fotball Club
Furō Motion | Guildford High School
Furō Motion | England Rugby
Furō Motion | Benenden School
Furō Motion | St Swithun's Wincester
Furō Motion | British Judo
Furō Motion | About Us
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