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Athletic Development in Schools

We are passionate about working with physical education teachers and sport coaches to help young people become ‘efficient movers’. Whilst this may enhance athletic abilities which transfer to sports performance, our overriding philosophy when working with schools is predicated on our belief that physical activity for young people is essential for their well being. The development of essential movement skills have been proven to result in the following for young people:

  • Improvements in metabolism and body fat levels

  • Increased muscle and bone strength

  • Reduced injury risk

  • Improved self-image, confidence and well-being

  • Enhanced sports performance

Unfortunately there is a limited focus on 'movement literacy' within the existing formal education of teachers and sport coaches. We want to encourage a lifelong healthy involvement in sport and physical activity by providing school teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to coach the efficient movement of their pupils.

We have worked with staff in independent and state schools to implement long term athletic development principles across their existing offerings during physical education lessons and sports training. We are happy working with you to establish a way in which you can implement practices in your school which enhance movement and athletic capabilities. However, if you would like an idea of what staff training or other services we can offer, please see some case study examples below.

Furō Motion | Athletic Development in Schools

We have worked periodically over the last few years with Guildford High School, delivering staff CPD and assisting with pre-season training with their first team senior squad sport teams. We are now retained by Guildford High School in a consultancy capacity tasked to work with staff to implement a framework to facilitate the development of student's fundamental movement skills and sporting athletic capabilities across their junior and senior schools.

Keely Harper

Director of Sport, Guildford High School

"Quote to come."

Furō Motion | Guildford High School

Case Study

Guildford High School

Furō Motion were approached by an independent school to provide guidance on implementing an athletic development framework to enhance the movement capabilities and injury reduction risk of their sport scholar students. This involved staff training to provide physical education teachers and sports coaches with the confidence and skills necessary to deliver the fundamentals of strength and speed-based physical preparation within the school’s existing sport programmes. We also consulted on the content and delivery of the physical preparation programmes for individual school sport scholar athletes.

Tim Hudson

Role, Benenden School

"James has a wonderful way with people. We have asked him to come in to work with both teachers and students over a number of years. His gentle way with people and his deep subject knowledge makes him engaging and fun. He cares deeply about creating long term change, and hasn't been afraid of pushing back when he doesn't feel true value will be added. We look forward to bringing him back soon."

Furō Motion | Benenden School

Case Study

Benenden School - Sport Scholar Physical Preparation

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