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Enhancing sporting performance and athletic capabilities.

Training Library

The one-stop video resource for coaches and their athletes, and physical education teachers and their students, looking for quick and clear demonstrations of how to perform a range of exercises and training activities.

Sports Performance Services

We help coaches and athletes achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through a performance consultancy service with measurable impact.

Athletic Development in Schools

We work with physical education teachers and sport coaches to help young people become ‘efficient movers’ to enhance athletic abilities and wellbeing.

Professional Development Workshops

We run online and in-person workshops for performance teams, coaching staff and medical departments through a blend of theory and practical learning.


We sell innovative dual-purpose equipment that can be used for both training and diagnostic testing. This equipment is currently used as part of the testing and training methods adopted within high performance sport and is designed by practitioners work within that field.

Coming Soon


Phil Collier

National Team Director, England Womens Lacrosse

"Working with James delivered real results for the England Women's Lacrosse Team. England won the bronze medal at the 2017 World Cup, beating Australia by a golden goal scored in the fourth period of overtime. Superior physical conditioning, resilience and a great team spirit carrying us through to England’s first WC medal for 15 years. One of my priorities as the new England National Team Director was to modernise our training methods to better prepare more athletic players for competition at the highest international level. James was able to listen to my hopes and ideas, and then use his own expertise to build  them into practical proposals for our new physical preparation programme, breaking new ground for England Lacrosse. It was a genuine partnership, learning together as we delivered the programme, finding ways to deal with any challenges within the limited resources we had available."

Mike Cave

Academy Manager, Fulham Football Club

“During his time with us James helped us rethink and plan our physical development programme from our youngest players through to our u23s. His support through our League audit process was invaluable, as was the personal and humble style with which he assisted the development of our staff in their knowledge and application. I would highly recommend James to any team or individual who is searching for a knowledgeable collaborator and practitioner to support them in enhancing their psychical development programmes”

Chemmy Crawford-Alcott

Four times Winter Olympian

"Having trained full time for 4 Olympic cycles many people are surprised that I still have the need for physical preparation support. They probably think after that much time training I should know what to do. That is true, but it is less knowing what to do and more how I do it, how hard I push myself, what variety I can inject into my training that are the reasons that James Wild and I make a great team. James keeps me inspired to train. I look forward to every session we have together."

Charlie Walker

Professional rugby player, Ealing Trailfinders (previously Harlequins and England 7's)

"As a winger, speed is a vital aspect of the game for me. James tailored his speed sessions to specifically target my individual needs and without doubt helped to make me faster - particularly off the mark and over the first few steps which was the main aspect I wanted to focus on. James also used a range of strength & power based tests which highlighted any strength related deficits that were impacting my ability to run faster. This information was used by our coaches to tailor my gym programmes. I highly rate James!"

Ross Chisholm

Professional rugby player, Harlequins

“Working with James has really helped me towards achieving my speed potential. He makes the session engaging, relatable to rugby and my position, but we also have a lot of fun during his sessions”

Gareth Tong

Head of Athletic Performance, Harlequins

“James pays great attention to detail in the player profiling approaches he has set up for us, yet he manages to assimilate the information he gathers in a way which helps us to build a clear training direction for players. James has developed good relationships with our players and coaches over the years and we both value and trust his input into our performance system at Quins.”

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